Our Team

Cartoon style head of a doggie with a small face, black button nose, slight tongue mlem, and perky big ears in various shades of brown. Very cute dog.

Shannan C

Shannan didn't write a bio for herself, so we're going to make some stuff up until she does!

We'll have to walk the line between highlighting the reality of her awesome retail management and print experience, design & illustration skills, and enthusiasm she puts into her work...

....with something suitably fantastical like the "fact" she raises miniature unicorns and secretly travels to Mars looking for alien art supply stores in her spare time.


picture of a golden color dog with human reading glasses looking up with a magazine open on the table in front of what is clearly a very good dogPhoto by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Jasper L

Jasper has lived in Seattle much of his life, and has worked with Perfect Copy for several years.

His favorite part of the job is the opportunity to meet customers from so many different backgrounds, and helping them find creative solutions for their projects.

In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor adventures, riding motorcycles, cooking and movies.




Picture of the head & shoulders of a sheep in profile with long wooly hair looking off to the right.

Daria D

Daria joined Perfect Copy & Print in January 2020.

She comes to us with a background in litigation support which included copying and scanning, database administration, and project management.

She has been using her skills to perform a wide variety of tasks that lurk in the background of any client-facing business.

When she is not performing these tasks, she can be found volunteering with, and for, a variety of organizations such as the American Heart Association, Children's’ Home Society of WA, CAS with International Seafarers’ Center, Seattle Knitters Guild, Fiber Fusion NW, Fraternal Order of Eagles, local food banks, and many other local charities.

She is a prolific fiber artist and cares for a husband and two wild pups, Ogre and Banshee.

Picture of the head of a woman with hair tied back, wearing glasses and a mask with an ogre face on it.

Amanda P (she/her)

Amanda is the owner, web developer, chief marketer, and whatever else is needed. She bought the business in August 2019 in a real feat of excellent timing. Unbeknownst to her, her affinity for print was consistent with both her parents & grandfather as they had all worked in the industry before she was even born. 

Her previous career spanned industries and included the early days of ecommerce, as well as salary & compensation data and TV advertising technology. In these, she has held the roles of barista, summer camp counselor, non-profit executive director, vp of product/data science/engineering, copywriter, and technical project manager. Not in that order. She also holds degrees in Classics as well as Library & Information Science and is licensed in Washington State to librarian. All of these experiences make her appreciate the unique challenges of owning & running a small business.

She is a pleasure to work with and has an excellent sense of humor even if she has to remind folks of that periodically.